High Health for Mid-Sized Companies

  • Does your company struggle with

    Low energy
    Lost time
    Compromised creativity and contributions
    Common illnesses
    Healthcare utilization

  • Do you want your team to have more…

    Health and well-being
    Mental clarity
    Stamina and grit

  • Do you realize you can make that happen?

    Many paths are possible, though few are well known.

    Ours is accelerated, science-based, and effective.

    It’s also easy to deliver and affordable.

If you want high health for your company in today’s world, it will be an adventure. Most mid-sized companies have not had access to the advanced well-being initiatives that larger businesses can offer. Until now.

Our High-Health Network provides access to an advanced process for companies with up to 5,000 employees. Spread the high-health mindset through your organization with the Springboard Experience, our progressive online adventure with nearly 500 effective high-health practices. Your team will discover the gold of high health, embrace action, train in high-health practices, and gain mastery, health, and well-being along the way.

The adventure begins this fall for companies in North Carolina. Attend one of our discovery sessions to see if this opportunity is right for your company.

Prerequisites—is this for you? The answer is yes if:

  • Your company has up to 5,000* employees and is based in NC.
  • You’re a high-health leader who is committed to your team’s well-being.
  • You believe well-being initiatives are valuable.
  • You’re willing to partner with us to establish mutual roles and responsibilities that will lead to your team’s success.
  • Your company has sufficient infrastructure to create and support conditions for a successful adventure.
Join the High-Health Network’s Fall 2017 Adventure Group

Embarks on: 9/12/17
Register by: 8/1/17; call us at (919) 782-4644
Learn more:  Attend a free discovery session; reserve your spot here.

*We offer high-health adventures for companies with more than 5,000 employees, too. Talk with us for details.
Interested but not in NC? We’ll broaden this opportunity soon. Contact us, and we’ll add you to our list for future groups.

North Carolina Companies: Join the High-Health Network’s Fall 2017 Launch!

Join us for one of our free, mid-day discovery sessions to see whether this opportunity is right for your company. Reserve your spot here.