Are You a High-Health Leader?

Think you’re a high-health leader? See where you rank by answering these 12 questions.

Anyone can adopt good habits and new practices, but not everyone can fundamentally change how healthy they are.
Good physical conditioning and a healthy diet will produce high health for most people.
I have confidence that, when I build my physical, mental, and emotional health, I can avoid colds, flus, and other common conditions.
Personal health is mostly controlled by genes.
I think you can have high health up to a certain point in life, but ultimately aging will lead to decline and disease.
I actively cultivate my mental and emotional well-being alongside my physical health.
In times of high demand, sometimes I wish I had more stamina. I don’t always have the energy I need.
I’m afraid of losing my health.
I have mastered a set of practices for increasing my mental, physical, and emotional health, and I know how effective and valuable they are.
I understand the strong links between high health and inner power, top performance, and the capacity to lead successfully.
I believe that I have more power than anyone else when it comes to increasing my own health and well-being.
Building high health is hard and often expensive.