Are You a High-Health Leader?

Think you’re a high-health leader? See where you rank by answering these 7 questions.

I understand the strong links between high health and inner power, top performance, and the capacity to lead successfully.
I have mastered a set of practices for increasing my mental, physical, and emotional health, and I know how effective and valuable they are.
I have confidence that, when I build my physical, mental, and emotional health, I can avoid colds, flus, and other common conditions.
High-health practices exist and can be taught. I believe that anyone, regardless of age or physical condition, can learn and use them to increase health and well-being.
I believe that I have more power than anyone else when it comes to increasing my own health and well-being.
I think you can have high health up to a certain point in life, but ultimately aging will lead to decline and disease.
I trust that I can respond effectively to anything life throws my way. I have all the inner resources I need to handle the high-demand situations that leaders encounter.