Kind Words

“Thoughtful, interactive, and inspiring. I loved the high level of experts who contributed their life’s work and knowledge to this program.” -M.T.
“Though the Springboard program is deep and transformative, it’s also simple enough to integrate into daily life. The simplicity of each module makes it easy to practice on a daily basis which is how change actually happens.” -A.E.
“Thank you so much!! I enjoyed the program and it would be great to use a short time before work to clear my mind!! Thanks!!” –E.B.
“I look forward to doing the activities in Springboard and recommend them to my co-workers. They are very beneficial.” –C.A.
“I work from home on 4 acres with a creek, trees, and lots of deer, turkey, and other wildlife; I need nature sometimes to get through the day. The Nature module reminded me to look and go outside more to clear my mind.” –P.F.
“I’m glad I experienced Springboard first-hand. It’s a wealth of new information. I especially appreciated the focus on science and evidence-based methods—very important to me.” -S.D.
“I’m able to use my sense of meaning to organize my life.” –K.S.
“I have to say I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the Meaning Uncovered module. I felt that it was beneficial and hope to use it in the future.” –L.G.
“I really like the mindfulness exercises. I am able to practice these techniques in my day-to-day life, and it has helped me focus and pin point problem-solving.” –B.V.
“I love the Mindfulness module as it really relieves my stress when I participate. Thanks!” –W.A.