Open the Door for Your Team

Behind the second door is the solo version of the Springboard Experience, our accelerated adventure into real health and well-being. Open this door to make it available to your team on an individual, self-directed basis. Individuals can enter this world as they wish; they’ll make their own decisions and investments along the way. All you have to do is open the door.

Version: Solo adventure
Adventure gear included: Solo version of Springboard; Quick Start Guide
Value: Silver
Cost: Affordable; self-guided and invested
Considerations: A good choice for high-health leaders who want greater health and well-being for their teams, but struggle with budget, time, or in-house expertise. Don’t let those forces stop you. We’ll make it possible for individuals on your team to focus the mind, restore energy, and build physical, mental, and emotional health, which fuel personal and business success.

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