Real Stories

Read stories from people who’ve worked with the practices found inside Springboard’s Eight Gateways module. Eight Gateways demonstrates how to optimize core movement patterns and improve balance, strength, and agility.

(All names are pseudonyms, and identifying details have been changed.)

“My name is Adrienne, and I’m an 18 year old cross-country runner who’s getting ready to start college on a track-and-field scholarship. I’ve been excited about that, but also worried about pain that I was starting to feel in my right gluteus muscle whenever I ran. It was really bothering me, and I had no idea what was going on. I mean, I’m in great shape; I’ve run all my life. It’s one of the best things I do.

When I found out about the quality movement practices in Springboard, I worked on them diligently, and after three weeks I started experiencing the results. I’m running even faster now, pain-free, with much more power in my stride. What a relief! I feel confident that I’ll be able to keep up with my training, and these practices will help me every step of the way. Will I stop practicing? Not a chance. The more I practice, the better I feel when I run.”

“I’m Carlos, and I want to tell you about what’s happened for me with this movement. After four weeks of working with it, I experienced a radical reduction in the shoulder, hip, and knee pain I’d felt ever since I was injured in a college basketball game. That was 10 years ago. Yeah, I dealt with the pain for 10 years and just kind of pushed through it. But finally I thought, Enough is enough. I’m a volunteer coach for my kids’ basketball team, and I needed to move faster to keep up with them. I wanted to deal with the nagging pain from the old injury so that I could improve my own fitness.

After about 8 weeks of practicing this movement, the pain was 98% gone. Can you imagine how happy I am? Now I think: Why didn’t I know about the importance of quality movement in college?! I could have avoided injury back then. That’s why I’ve kept up with my practice; I’ve done it consistently for a year.”

“Hi, I’m Diane—a marketing director who tries to stay fit and constructively deal with stress by running. About two years ago I started having trouble with my workouts. I developed chronic pain in my low back and hips, and I thought, Uh oh, I must be slowing down. I thought it was age-related; after all, I’d just turned 50. But then I discovered quality movement and learned I was off the mark. By strengthening my core and increasing the flexibility in my hips, my running improved—after just six weeks! I no longer feel any pain when I run. The results I experienced were gradual, but powerful. Now I feel lighter and stronger than ever.”
“My name is Jerry, and I came to quality movement with a lot of hope, but also needing a lot of help. I used to be an avid backpacker, but years of poor movement had taken a toll on my body. I had extreme, chronic pain in my low back—so much that I had to have surgery. I was getting depressed because for several years I couldn’t do even the simplest activities, like take out the trash or go walking with my wife. You know, regular life stuff. It’s been hard feeling that bad for so long. I’d hoped to backpack again, but when it came down to it, all I really wanted to do was take a walk with my wife.

After practicing quality movement for three months, my whole demeanor changed. I could walk for two miles! I feel stronger, like I have a future, and I’m extremely encouraged. I’ve had such a long battle, but this has finally brightened my outlook. I’m planning a backpacking trip six months from now—my first in many, many years.”

“I’m Brian, a 27-year-old computer programmer who swims, golfs, and runs. I guess you could say I’m a bit of a polymath when it comes to sports. My dad was a professional baseball player, and he instilled a love of physical activity and competition in me from an early age.

About six months ago, I noticed that my right side was feeling weaker than the left, and I learned that this is called an asymmetry. I didn’t want to lose my edge, so I started working on quality movement strategies to correct it. Well, I can tell you that after three weeks of diligent work, my overall movement was drastically better. My swimming became so much more powerful, with equal strokes on both sides. My running is now smoother and faster, and I feel equal when I run—no more lazy leg. Even my golf swing has improved. I’ve never felt so strong or so good.”

“My name is Greg, and I’m a customer-service manager. I came to this work after having multiple back surgeries and a lot of pain. My doctor wanted to operate one more time, but I said, No way. If there was any way to avoid another surgery, I was all for it.

That’s when I discovered quality movement. I learned that my core needed to be strengthened, and my hips were incredibly tight—no big shock there. But what was really surprising was how quickly I improved as I practiced it. After just two months, I felt so much better and stronger. I could stand and sit for longer periods of time. My favorite discovery was that I was able to walk my dog at night without pain or having to stop to rest my back. Best of all? I was able to avoid more surgery.

I just want to pass along one tip. I’m good at working fast and multitasking in my job, and that tends to bleed into other areas of my life, too. With movement practice I learned that quality is better than quantity. When I slow down, concentrate on my body sensations, and focus on my movement, I experience better results. Just a few good repetitions have a pretty big effect.”

“Hello, my name is Sita, and I’m an executive who has pretty much a 24/7 job. I love it, but the stress can get to me. For more than 10 years, I’ve had chronic headaches and neck pain. I’ve tried everything—physical therapy, medication, you name it. What finally helped was quality movement. What a relief! After six weeks of practicing it, the headaches are gone, and my neck is pain-free about 90 percent of the time. I’m able to work at my computer for much longer now without experiencing pain.

This is pretty incredible—life-changing, actually. I used to wake up almost every morning with a headache, which doesn’t happen anymore. I went for so long with pain that I’m absolutely going to continue with the program. I’ve practiced the movements for two years now so far, with terrific results.”

““Hi, I’m Michelle—a mother of two. I’ve had some shoulder pain that was hindering my ability to move well, especially lifting my kids when we play together. Fortunately that’s no longer the case. I’ve been working with this stretch for about a month, and I’m happy to report that I’m feeling stronger now. I can pick up my sons without struggle. This weekend I was able to reach overhead and clean out my closet. I had no pain!

I’ve noticed something else. When I walk, I feel freer, more open, and stronger. My friends have even noticed the change; they say I seem more expressive and confident. All I know is that I feel better.”

“My name is Claire, and I’m a mom, a marathon runner, and an engineer. Probably too much going on at once, right? Somehow the combination keeps me sane and makes me happy.

I was training for a race last year, and I developed serious foot pain. I was really worried because it went on for so long and was such a struggle. I thought it was a problem with my foot, but it turned out to be weakness in my hip. As I worked with quality movement, I felt stronger—even after 3 weeks of practice. Now I’m able to finish long runs without fatigue, and I have a lot more energy. My friends have noticed the difference, too. I’m out running with them, and they say, “Why, why, why do you have so much energy now?!?” So it’s a big change.

You know, before I tried these movements, I was going to quit running. Pretty awful to contemplate, but it had become such a struggle. I’m so glad I didn’t give it up. I just completed the Boston marathon, and I feel much more powerful.”

“Hello, there. I’m Charles, a recently retired computer engineer who loves to walk, especially on trails near my cabin in the mountains. Though I’m only 67, I’ve unfortunately been feeling much older. About six months ago I started having serious pain in both my heels, so much that I couldn’t walk or stand for longer than ten minutes at a time. My feet were killing me. Not exactly how I want to spend my golden years! I’ve been active all my life, so this was a big surprise.

One of my former colleagues told me about quality movement, and after checking it out I learned that I had extremely tight quadriceps, hamstrings, and calf muscles. My hips were tight, too. I began working on this particular movement practice plus a few other stretches, and after several weeks, I slowly started to see improvement. So I practiced conscientiously, and guess what? After a few months, my foot pain was 95 percent gone! How wonderful it is to walk through the woods again. Not only that, but I can touch my toes—something I’ve not been able to do since high school.

The best (and most unexpected) result is that I no longer have back pain. I figured a consequence of age for everyone is arthritis, so I used to throw a heating pad on ‘old Arthur’ and forget about it. Now ‘Arthur’ is completely gone. Amazing!”