The Springboard Experience:
The Basics

The heart of the Springboard Experience is a web-based arena with six “modules.” Each module reveals special techniques for increasing health and well-being.

Objective of the Springboard Experience:
Build physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being, which make inner power possible.


  1. Move through the Springboard Experience, gaining abilities, skills, and mastery along the way.
  2. Avoid penalties and slay real-life dragons—ensnaring forces that drag on us all (e.g., negative self-talk, time constraints, fear of upsetting the status quo, and more).
  3. Level up, gain bonuses, combine practices, and use new abilities in real life.

Special Tools:

  • Vision: Personal Mission Statement
  • Planning: Most Powerful Practices
  • Progress: Quests, Milestone Achievements, Module Achievements
  • Feedback: Health & Energy Level, Springboard Streak, My Time in Springboard

Springboard Versions:

  1. Sample Exploration
  2. Solo Adventure
  3. Full Adventure

Explore Springboard’s Modules